Brlcad libraries on windows

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hello all,

    Is there a way to use the brlcad Linux libraries on Windows ? I did this with the Atlas linear algebra libraries ( by creating a dll from the Atlas libraries under Cygwin. I can call the Atlas dll under Windows from my own c++ code. Can this be done with the brlcad libraries ?
    B.t.w.: the script I used for creating the Windows dll from Linux Atlas libraries can be found here:


    • Sean Morrison

      Sean Morrison - 2005-04-08

      Yes, this can and has been done by several folks already to various extents.  We're in the progress of providing a complete port for the 2 dozen libraries and 400 binaries, but the core ones that you'll probably want in your code have already been completed.  The core libraries are generally libbu, libbn, and librt.

      I'd suggest working with cygwin/mingw since that will likely get you the farthest, though there are a couple groups that have set up builds for some of the libs/apps in Studio too.  The code does (mostly?) have dll export labels in the libraries so you can make static or dynamic libraries.

      If you'd like to interactively work through the build and any issues you encounter or if you have more questions, you might find a helpful ear in the #brlcad IRC channel on too ( if you've never used irc).


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