Generating Traditional 2D drawings....

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    How do I generate traditional 2D mechanical drawings from my 3D brlcad model??  Thanx

    • Sean Morrison

      Sean Morrison - 2006-01-19

      This isn't a strongly supported feature, as BRL-CAD has traditionally not had much development focus on drafting and machining, but there are some techniques available.  You can save the mged wireframe at any time using the File->Render View option and selecting either Postscript or Plot.  There are other BRL-CAD command line tools for converting from postscript or plot to other formats including raster image formats like png.

      Similarly, but with a much different appearance is 'rtedge' that will render hidden-line edge drawings of your geometry.  That is a command that can be run inside mged like rt can or outside as a standalone application.  For a quick preview, you can run this command inside mged:

      rtedge -F/dev/Xl -s800

      That will generate an 800x800 temporary image in an X11 window (that "Xl" is "ex-ell", not "ex-one").  There is a manpage that goes into detail for all the options available (there are quite a few).

      What you won't easily get that you probably want are annotations and dimensions automatically.  There are means to extract analytic information such as lengths and widths, especially by shooting rays, but there's presently not an automagic way to get them (patches/developers welcome).


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Maybe an Idea.
      Isn't it possible to export the front view (for example) of the 3D-Model as DXF-File ?
      Import this DXF-File in QCAD an generate the Dimension ?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      How big coding job is add some of qcad sources to brl-cad to do 2D drawings (and store 2D .dxf for each part in database.g, for laser cut machines etc.) and extrude .dxf (line or path with radius scale etc) or sweep (circular, helical etc) to produce 3D objects?

      qcad is very easy and fast tool to create 2D drawings, but don't have 3D.
      Usually 3D is done from 2D scetch, but brl-cad lacks easy method to sweep/extrude .dxf

      have anybody idea where to start? brl-cad primitives?


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