BRL-CAD 7.12.4: db_lookup(-n) failed: -n does

Lode Leroy
  • Lode Leroy

    Lode Leroy - 2008-07-04

    I installed BRL-CAD 7.12.4 from source on linux,
    using the bundled tcl & tk & itcl etc.

    When I open a model (mged demo.g), and go to "Primitive Selection"
    I get the following error in the command window, each time I click on
    a name of a primitive:

    db_lookup(-n) failed: -n does not exist

    The error message is empty, but the "details" are below:

       while executing
    "_mged_ill -n -i $ri $spath"
       (procedure "solid_illum" line 14)
       invoked from within
    "solid_illum $item"
       (procedure "lbdcHack" line 35)
       invoked from within
    "lbdcHack .emid_0.listbox 43 10 99876703 id_0 s1 junkpath"
       (command bound to event)

    • Sean Morrison

      Sean Morrison - 2008-07-11


      This looks like a change that slipped through release testing QA.  There's an index problem in the script that's causing the error.  You can work around this problem and fix things in your install by either using the 'sed' command on the mged command line (e.g. sed primitivename) or by editing two text files are installed.  Edit these two files as follows:

      In /usr/brlcad/share/brlcad/7.12.4/tclscripts/mged/list.tcl change one line, the line that says:
                      _mged_sed -i 1 $item
                      _mged_sed $item

      In /usr/brlcad/share/brlcad/7.12.5/tclscripts/mged/illum.tcl change one line, the line that says:
          _mged_ill -n -i $ri $spath
          _mged_ill $spath

      That should fix that specific problem (for now).  It's not an optimal change as there are undoubtedly other places that are affected by that indexing problem, but it should make the primitive selection gui in mged work again until we can get an update released with a proper fix.



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