overlap issue

  • Brian

    Brian - 2012-03-21

    I am having an issue with the following command:

     gqa -Ao -t0.3mm -g10mm-10mm

    it is giving some results of overlaps, that after closer investigation do not exist.

    To verify this… One of the overlaps was between a rod and the hole it was going through.  I looked straight down the rod and did a "rt" and there is a substantial gap between the two parts.  I also tried "rtcheck" to try to visualize where overlaps appear and nothing turned yellow.

    So… is there a better command for checking for overlaps?  are there any idiosyncrasies that I should know about with the gqa.

    A little more background:
    - Parts were originally created in CATIA with a min gap of 0.03 inches,.  The hole is a octogon (to reduce tessellation, the shaft is cylindrical).
    - Converted to .stl
    - Converted to .g via stl-g
    - bot_decimate used to reduce file size.

    Thanks for the help!


  • Sean Morrison

    Sean Morrison - 2012-03-22


    It's not really possible to diagnose this issue without more information.  Is it possible to provide that portion of your geometry exhibiting this issue?  The "keep" command will extract a portion of a .g file.  If you post that to our support tracker, someone should be able to investigate.

    That said, gqa does not have any known bugs at this time.  If it's reporting an overlap, I'd be inclined to believe it until demonstrated otherwise.  Running a default rtcheck is *considerably* lower resolution and will miss overlaps not parallel to the view plane, so the fact that it came up empty doesn't mean anything (nor does a visual rt rendering).



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