Problems building BRLCAD from cvs on Mac OSX

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I am trying to build BRLCAD from cvs as described on on Mac OSX 10.3.9

    I get the following error running ./autogen:

    PC17563:~/brlcad gan$ sh ./
    Found GNU Autoconf version 2.52
    Found GNU Automake version 1.6.3
    Found GNU Libtool version 1.4.2

    Automatically preparing build ... Warning: autoreconf failed
    libtoolize being run by autoreconf is not creating in the auxillary directory like it should
    Attempting to run the configuration steps individually

    Preparing build ...
    Warning:  libtoolize is creating in the wrong directory

    Fortunately, the problem can be worked around by simply copying the
    file to the appropriate location (misc/).  This has been done for you.

    Continuing build preparation ... autoconf: invalid option -f
    Try `autoconf --help' for more information.
    ERROR: autoconf failed

    Anyone who knows a workaround or tips on this?

    Kindly regards

    Gunnar Andersson

    • Sean Morrison

      Sean Morrison - 2005-04-24

      The version of the developer tools that you have installed appears to be a bit old -- both autoconf 2.52 and libtool 1.4.2 are somewhat problematic and buggy.  That said, you should still be able to compile.  You have at least three basic paths you can take to get a successful build from where you are:

      1)  Upgrade your Apple Developer Tools.  This is what I'd recommend since updating the dev tools fixes more problems than could be listed here.  If you are updated to the latest, you should see autogen say that you're using at least autoconf 2.57 and hopefully libtool 1.5.0.  To upgrade, you can go to the Apple Developer Connection website (should be\).

      2) Edit the script.  This is probably the "easiest" fix.  You should be able to edit the script and look for the line that says: autoconf_output=`$AUTOCONF -f 2>&1`

      Try replacing the -f with a --force, and if that doesn't work, just remove the -f altogether.  That option is not critical, but you "may" run into more issues given how old the dev tools are.

      3) Run the steps manually.  The steps are usually the following:
        aclocal [-I m4]
        libtoolize --automake -c -f
        aclocal [-I m4]
        autoconf -f
        automake -a -c -f

      Your version of autoconf is not happy with that -f, so it's either --force or you can remove it.

      After running either the individual steps or itself, you should be able to continue with the rest of the usual build steps:

      sudo make install
      [ then add /usr/brlcad/bin to your PATH ]


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Upgrading developer tools did it. Now brl-cad builds and install.

      But now i got a problem running mged; the systems complains about tk:

      pc35-113:~ gan$ /usr/brlcad/bin/mged
      Itcl_Init error Can't find a usable itcl.tcl in the following directories:
          /System/Library/Frameworks/Tcl.framework/Versions/8.4/Resources/itcl3.3 ./.
      /lib/itcl3.3 ./../library ./../../library ./../../itcl/library ./../../../itcl/
      ibrary ./../../../../itcl/library ./../../../../../itcl/library ./src/other/inc
      Tcl/itcl/library ./../src/other/incrTcl/itcl/library ./../../src/other/incrTcl/
      tcl/library ./../../../src/other/incrTcl/itcl/library ./../../../../src/other/i
      crTcl/itcl/library ./../../../../../src/other/incrTcl/itcl/library
      This probably means that Itcl/Tcl weren't installed properly.
      If you know where the Itcl library directory was installed,
      you can set the environment variable ITCL_LIBRARY to point
      to the library directory.

      Backgrounding, please wait...
      Can't find a usable tk.tcl in the following directories:
          /System/Library/Frameworks/Tcl.framework/Versions/8.4/Resources/tk8.4 ./lib
      tk8.4 ./lib/tk8.4 ./library ./library ./tk8.4.6/library ./tk8.4.6/library /Syst
      m/Library/Frameworks/Tcl.framework/Versions/8.4/Resources/Scripts/tk8.4 /System
      Scripts ~/Library/Tcl/tk8.4 ~/Library/Tcl/tk8.4/Resources/Scripts /Library/Tcl/
      k8.4 /Library/Tcl/tk8.4/Resources/Scripts /Network/Library/Tcl/tk8.4 /Network/L
      brary/Tcl/tk8.4/Resources/Scripts /System/Library/Tcl/tk8.4 /System/Library/Tcl
      tk8.4/Resources/Scripts ~/Library/Frameworks/tk8.4 ~/Library/Frameworks/tk8.4/R
      sources/Scripts /Library/Frameworks/tk8.4 /Library/Frameworks/tk8.4/Resources/S
      ripts /Network/Library/Frameworks/tk8.4 /Network/Library/Frameworks/tk8.4/Resou
      ces/Scripts /System/Library/Frameworks/tk8.4 /System/Library/Frameworks/tk8.4/R

      This probably means that tk wasn't installed properly.
      pc35-113:~ gan$

      Seen this before?

      Kindly regards

      Gunnar A :-)

      • Sean Morrison

        Sean Morrison - 2005-04-26

        That looks like it's probably because of a very recent change I made that caused this problem..  Yes, I've seen it before all too many times even before the change. :-)  It happens whenever mged cannot find /usr/brlcad/lib/* often caused by linking against the wrong library.

        You can "cvs update -dP" to get the latest which should work much better for you (cross fingers).  Be sure to run again to invalidate the cache files (and/or run: rm -rf *cache*) before running ./configure, and then do a "make clean" before running make again.

        An aside: If you add /usr/brlcad/bin to your path, you won't need to specify the full path when you run mged.  You can add the following to the end of your /etc/bashrc and /etc/profile:

        export PATH


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