cloning, object naming and oed

  • Daniel Santos

    Daniel Santos - 2008-09-14

    I have a building. Made the building's volume and made a door model.
    Now I have to clone that door and place several copies at different places of the building volume.

    When I clone the door (which is a combination of several primitives), different names are assigned to each one of the components of the clone.

    I then have to know those names in order to oed the solid into a new location.

    Is there any way of controlling the way the new names are generated ?

    I am putting all the commands I issue in mged in a text file. Is it possible to issue all of those commands and build an entire database without seeing a solid in the framebuffer (like a script) ?


    • Sean Morrison

      Sean Morrison - 2008-09-14

      If there's no pattern to your copies, you probably shouldn't be using the clone command.  The clone command is more for performing patterned repetitions for dozens/hundreds of copies.  If you're just making a few copies and each one is unique, you're probably better suited by 'cp' to copy them.  The 'cp' command will create a new named reference without replicating the underlying geometry (i.e., it's a shallow copy instead of a deep copy).

      MGED is very easily scripted.  See for two ways to issue commands without the GUI.  You can also use the 'script' command:

      mged -c test.g script my_transcript.tcl



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