how to use pix-png?

  • Sandy Ekahana

    Sandy Ekahana - 2009-06-08

    Hi can help me how to use that file? I am using mac

    • Sandy Ekahana

      Sandy Ekahana - 2009-06-08

      I dont understand the sintax it offers [-a] ?? [-w file] etc

      • Sean Morrison

        Sean Morrison - 2009-06-08

        If you run "brlman pix-png" you'll see the manual page for that command where it explains each option.  The options are standard unix command line notation with anything in square brackets being optional.  The .pix image files are "raw" binary image data so you have to tell any command that reads them how big them image is.  The WIDTH x HEIGHT of the image translates to -w and -n options for how many pixels wide and how many scanlines tall respectively.  The -s option is a shorthand if the image happens to be square (e.g. 512x512 is -s512).

        pix-png -w640 -n480 some_image.pix > some_image.png

        That example converts a 640x480 sized some_image.pix image to a some_image.png image.



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