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No rcc visible

  • andre anckaert

    andre anckaert - 2010-07-25

    I am playing the make a mug-game from the MGED manual.- and run in a problem, illustrated hee:

    After giving the radius 1.75 MGED did NOT respond with "42 vectors in 0.006435 sec". It jumped immediately to the mged>-prompt. Nothing was shown the the "Upper Right"-active windowpane.

    But  the Geometry Browser showed that the "outside.s" was in the database. and it also gave me the choice to either remove it from the display or Clear & Display. The latter I did three times and "B outside.s" appeared three times between my radius-entry and the new mged-prompt.

    Then I tried the "draw outside.s"-command and again nothing was anywhere drawn. Why woukd this military BRL-CAD program refuse to execute orders from an Belgian (ex-)corporal?

  • andre anckaert

    andre anckaert - 2010-07-28

    Let me report some further info. About some (dubious) progress I made with MGED:

    Using the graphics window (id_0) I opened a "prim.g" database found in the "db"-folder and in the Geometry Browser displayed a "arb5"-primitive. The active window was "upper right". The command windows showed : "draw arb5" but nothing drawn appeared in none of the 4 windows

    Then I middle-clicked the Button Menu and the "Primitive Illuminate" button. In all 4 windows the "fps" was replaced by "Path:/arb5".

    I middle-clicked the "/arb5" and in all 4 windows some figures (1 - 5) appeared in different constellations (apparently) depending on the (default) axes-positions. On the second text-line in each window it showed: "Keypoint: ARB8 V1: (0,0,0). (YES: ARB8 !). In the left upper corner of each window, just besides the ARB MENU, it showed:

    Solid - arb5: ARB5
    1 (0,0,0)
    2 (0,1,0)
    3 (0,1,1)
    4 (0,0,1)
    5 (-1,0.5,0.5)

    Making 5 apexes as expected…And yes also theARB MENU and the "PRIMITIVE EDIT" menu had appeared everywhere.

    Finally middle-clicking the REJECT Edit button produced the image shown in the URL above. Including the outline of the ARB5 drawn in the LOWER RIGHT window, which is NOT the active window. During all this the command window remained unchanged.

    I made some progress also with the RTWizard which is, like Archer, a quite "user"-friendly thing. It showed me nicely the "rcc" I made…

    My original post was made now over a week ago. I hope that after everybodies' summer-vacation there will be some more trafic here :-).

  • andre anckaert

    andre anckaert - 2010-07-28

    For what it is worth here a final precision: When middle-clicking in the lower right window any of the five offered standard-views, the drawing changes and takes the corresponding position. But changing anything to the dimension of the window makes the drawing vanish.

    Another funny (?) thing: when middle-clicking "ACCEPT Edit" instead of "REJECT Edit", the drawing does not appear in any window.

  • andre anckaert

    andre anckaert - 2010-08-04

    It has been said that I should not use obsolete help files offered by my 7.14.8 BRL-CAD. And indeed I found that a lot of things explained there seem not to work as expected. I have been told that I should not expect to master BRL-CAD by just trying out randomly the GUI.

    I am no lazy man and so I decided  to start right at the beginning and follow the first tutorioal from Volume II - Introduction_to_MGED;pdf which shows things from BRL-CAD 5.0 (April 2001).

    But right from the start my BRL-CAD does not do what 5.0 is said to do: no sphere is drawn. As you can see here:

    Meanwhile I am quite a deceived man. Unless and until I get news of some working version,  I shall no more break my head on BRL-CAD.


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