Drawing two identical pieces side by side

  • Mark Hobley

    Mark Hobley - 2011-04-18

    I have created a simple component as follows:

    opendb testpiece.g y
    units mm

    in base.s rcc 30 0 30 0 20 0 25
    in stem.s rcc 30 0 30 0 60 0 10
    in head.s sph 30 60 30 20

    c piece1.c base.s u stem.s u head.s

    I now want to create an identical piece next to it.

    I have copied the piece as follows:

    cp piece1.c piece2.c

    How do I now translate the second piece to a new location? I saw the translate command, but it did not appear to have a piece name as an argument, so I don't know how to utilize this.

    I am not using an interactive editor, so I need to be able to make the translation using mged commands.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Mark Hobley

    Mark Hobley - 2011-04-24

    I tried to select the second piece for translation as follows:

    oed piece2.c base.s

    This gave an error as follows:

    Error: Unable to find solid matching path


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