hawranek - 2010-10-19

Hy guys,
am new in BLR-CAD. I wanted to use BRL-CAD to convert some 3D solids from AutoCAD DXF format to IGES format, but i think I'm doing it wrong. I put my solid geometry (h12.dxf) to


and then try some conversion commands

trabbit@trabbit-desktop /usr/brlcad/bin $ sudo dxf-g h12.dxf h12.g
sudo: dxf-g: command not found
trabbit@trabbit-desktop /usr/brlcad/bin $ sudo./dxf-g h12.dxf h12.g
bash: sudo./dxf-g: No such file or directory
trabbit@trabbit-desktop /usr/brlcad/bin $

but have no results:/
What command i have to use to do my conversion correctly?
I must converted first *.dxf -> *.g and then *.g -> *.iges?
Best Regards,
P.S. Sorry for my poor English:/