compiling with cygwin von Windows

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    i want to install Brl-CAD with cygwin on Windows NT4-SP6 by doing the follwing steps:

    1. Installing cygwin:
    - Download "setup.exe" from:
    - Doubleclick "setup.exe" and follow the installation process
        At Step "Select Packages" choose "gcc-core", "gcc-g++" and "make" in Category "Devel"

    2. Installing BRL-CAD:
    - Download "" from: -Register: BRL-CAD Source-
    - unzip ""
    - start "cygwin" and change into the extracted directory
    - type the following commands one after the other have finnished:
      make benchmark
      make install   # as root, e.g. sudo make install
      make test

    But after the 'make' command i get errors.
    Did I install enought/the right packages for cygwin ("gcc-core", "gcc-g++" and "make" in Category "Devel") ?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Or is a Windows-Version anywhere available ?

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Looking at this problem another way.  Is there a compiled windows version available?

      • Sean Morrison

        Sean Morrison - 2006-05-11

        BRL-CAD for Windows as of version 7.8.0 is now available for download.  Please report any bugs or issues to the Bug tracker, same goes for Feature and Support Requests.  There is some updated documentation on the main website at


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      > i get errors.
      it might be helpfull to state which errors occur.


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