adding image to .g file

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    When using the prj_add command i get message "picture.pix" doesn´t exisist" even though the file "picture.pix" is in the same folder as the database (.g file) i´m, currently working on. How can i make it so mged "see" the picture.pix file? or do i have to add the file picture.pix to the .g file and how do i do that?

    • Sean Morrison

      Sean Morrison - 2007-03-21

      Hm, it will look for the .pix file in whichever your "current" directory is, not necessarily where your .g file is.  If you type the "pwd" command, it will tell you where you are at and you can "cd" to the directory that you need to be in.  Alternatively, you can make sure that you start mged from the same directory that contains your .g file and then it should find picture.pix in the current directory.  If you're on Windows, the "current directory" is going to be the directory that contains mged since you start mged via the GUI and not via a command-line.

      I don't believe the projection shader scripts recognize reading images from binary objects yet (i.e. embedded into the .g itself), even though the projection shader itself does.  The scripts are convenient for other purposes.



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