Run the Install program on OS X and then what

  • Nicolas Daum

    Nicolas Daum - 2006-10-14

    I run the Install program on OS X and then tried to find out where were the files and what to do. Searched 'BRL-CAD', 'BRL', 'CAD' and found nothing. I read the thread "How do I use BLRCAD in mac osx?" What does compiling BRL means?
    Maybe the first question should be about the program. I need a simple app to do 2D technical design where I can easily put dimensions and arrows. Is BRL the right product?
    If so what's the Terminal manipulation to start up the app?
    If chose a Mac more than 20 years ago because I'm allergic to MS-DOS, UNIX seems even worse to me.

    • Sean Morrison

      Sean Morrison - 2006-10-15

      BRL-CAD installs onto Mac OS X into a part of your filesystem that the Finder does not search (/usr/brlcad).  As for more specific to your expressed needs, BRL-CAD isn't likely going to help you with what it sounds like you're looking for.  You may want to consider tools better suited to 2D drafting instead of 3D solid modeling.

      You'll probably be more interested in looking for something in the CADD domain, which BRL-CAD only slightly overlaps (as shown in the industry diagram at\).   That would be software packages like QCAD or AutoCAD or a variety of others.  "CAD" is a rather large domain with different packages focusing on different areas, serving drasticly different purposes.


    • Nicolas Daum

      Nicolas Daum - 2006-10-17

      Thanks Sean
      I was looking for small freeware hence I was not expecting such a monster app for designing tanks, planes and such.  BRL-CAD seems to be a competitor of Catia.
      Do you have any clue how I can unsinstall it? Unless I keep it for designing my next Space Shuttle ;-)
      OTOH I downloaded QCad and it looks exactly like what I was looking for. Thanks for the tip.

      • Sean Morrison

        Sean Morrison - 2006-10-17

        Not a problem, glad to have been of assistance.  To uninstall, run:

        sudo rm -rf /usr/brlcad

        After entering your password, that should remove the package in its entirety.  Careful to not typo.



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