mged bus error on macos X 10.5.7..

  • Jerry Normandin

    Jerry Normandin - 2009-08-06

    I am trying to build and run brlcad 7.14.8  .. I can compile and install fine.  most of the apps run but
    mged gives me a bus error every time.   looks like it's related to a tcl issue.  I really want to use this mac with brlcad.. it's still got plenty of life.. a dual core, 12gb of ram and 1TB of disk.. and is a workhorse.. can run in a hot room over 90 degress and not lock up.  Has anyone got this release to run on a ppc mac and what did you do to elimate the bus error. 

    please email me at


    • Jerry Normandin

      Jerry Normandin - 2009-08-06

      Hey everyone I wanted to post that I figured it out.  Update your automake tools.. grab the latest source.  It works!

      • Sean Morrison

        Sean Morrison - 2009-08-06

        Glad to hear it worked!  There were some 10.5 specific issues that had to be sorted out that prevent the previous binary release from starting up the graphical interface (the command-line mode tools work fine).


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