BRL-CAD Release 7.24.0 with new/updated MGED/Archer

  • Kris Lyttle

    Kris Lyttle - 2013-07-23

    Hello again BRL-CAD developers and end-users... with a special shout-out to lead developer, Sean.

    It's been a while since my last visit to the forum, and it seems a lot has happened since then, particularly with this new release of BRL-CAD.

    I must say, that screenshot of the new MGED/Archer interface looks quite modern. It has a sort of qt/KDE look to it; I'm really impressed! Could you tell me a little more about it, e.g. tools used, etc.?



  • Sean Morrison

    Sean Morrison - 2013-07-24

    Hello Kris,

    We are planning on using Qt for our next generation interface, but the one in the screenshot you saw is actually built on top of Itk. A lot of work has gone into refactoring and restructuring MGED code into library form so that we could develop new interfaces on top without losing functionality. We now have a newly developed GED "geometry editing" library that contains the majority of our commands in reusable form. Archer was built on top of GED and the interface has been significantly extended. We use a couple of Itk extensions for those new features (like the tree view), but much of it is just custom designed as needed since the focus has really been on infrastructure and reuse.

    Did you have a specific question?


  • Kris Lyttle

    Kris Lyttle - 2013-07-24

    Hello Sean, and thanks for the reply.

    I remember that you had plans for using Qt eventually in your new interface. The screenshot gave me the perception that you were already there, so I was rather suprised by it.

    As for me having a specific question, I'd say you've pretty much answered it; I probably never would have heard of Itk if I didn't ask about the new interface.

    Thanks again.



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