Windows release without an Installer please

  • f_noel

    f_noel - 2007-03-08


    It would sure be nice to be able to download the Windows Release as a simple zip file without any installer. The current Windows package may be a zip file but it is really an InstallShield/MSI installer package. I refuse to install any software that uses MSI. Been there, done that and spent hours cleaning up the mess an MSI package always makes...

    So can we please get a simple zip archive that preserves the proper directory structure that we can extract to a directory of our liking?

    I'm perfectly capable of creating shortcuts and other directory specific modifications on my own. A sample ".mgedrc" file would be a nice touch.


    • Sean Morrison

      Sean Morrison - 2007-03-21


      I feel your pain and agree.  I'd love to have someone replace the installer with support for plain zip as well as something NSIS-based.  There's several details with the last posted Windows that need improving (some that have been, but plenty that haven't been addressed yet).  Hopefully someone will step up to help out and contribute directly.  Either way, I've made a note of it and appreciate the feedback.



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