lighting a model

  • Richard Uschold

    Richard Uschold - 2011-04-09

    I'm trying to illuminate a model from somewhere other that the eye point. How do I do this?


  • Sean Morrison

    Sean Morrison - 2011-04-09

    You create a light.

    Any object can be turned into a light.  Lights are basically a type of shader where you can specify whether they should be considered area lights, point light sources, directional lights, etc.

    Simple tutorial:

    # create a primitive
    make sph sph
    # create a region
    r light.r u sph
    # make it a light
    mater light.r light 255 255 255 0

    Now if you move sph or light.r around, resize accordingly, you'll have a simple area light source.

    Note that if you have a light in the scene being rendered, it will disable the default lights.  So you might just get a black picture if you don't position the lights correctly.



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