Brian - 2011-05-18

First, I am new to BRL -CAD, so I apologize if I my thoughts are mis-informed…

Our primary concern is going to be importing models from CATIA to BRL-CAD (hopefully through STEP/stp).

I have also seen a few threads on different imports (Pro/E, CATIA, Solidworks, etc).

It could be a good idea to create some test solids from different software.  Have ~3 different designs that test different types of features and ask people to export as some standard formats (stp, igs, stl) from different CAD software (CATIA, Solidworks, Pro/E, etc) to have some test files for importing.

So for example from CATIA I would create 3 different test designs and export each as stp, igs, stl.  I would then upload 10 files (3 designs x 3 exports + original CATIA file) to the BRL-CAD server for developers to test model conversions.

A possible naming convention of (software)_design(#).(file type)
so… CATIA_design1.stl or ProE_design3.stp or IDEAS_design2.igs