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How to create BRL-CAD on windows XP system fr

  • titwjc

    titwjc - 2007-02-25


    It is my luck to find BRL-CAD software in BRL-CAD is really a wonderful software. If possible, I would like to do some extended CAD works based on it. However I am just a beginner.

    I have downloaded “brlcad-7.8.0” source code in order to create BRL-CAD software from it on windows system by Visual Studio 2003. The downloaded “brlcad-7.8.0” source code includes many folds (parts). However I could not know which parts are for windows system? How to start to create it?

    Could you tell me what the correct steps are to set up the project for program?

    Thank you very much for all your supports.

    Best regards,

    Js. Hs

    • Sean Morrison

      Sean Morrison - 2008-01-06


      Apologies on taking so long to reply!  Hope you found your way through the sources if your efforts persisted.  If not, there's not really any part/fold of BRL-CAD that isn't intended to also work on the Windows platform.  There's very few places in BRL-CAD that are actually platform-specific outside of build system files.  As for the windows build system files, the ones that compile most of the package in the most complete fashion are in the misc directory (e.g. misc/win32_msvc8).  There are Studio project files that should compile the whole package.  There are also VC7 and VC6 build files that compile a subset of the sources.  If you have any other or more specific questions, please reply and I'll do better to respond more quickly.  You're also encouraged to join the #brlcad irc channel on for interactive discussion.



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