Update to rtg3 and burst needed

  • Bob Anderson

    Bob Anderson - 2008-03-11

    Due to the increased complexity of BRL-CAD models being used in vulnerability/survivability analyses, there is a need to expand component id numbers beyond 4 digits (10000-99999). I know BRL-CAD can assign id numbers in this range, but the shotline utilities (rtg3 and burst) can not. I ran across this problem recently when working on a large target model. Are there others in the community that have experienced this issue? Is someone willing to tackle this for the next release of BRL-CAD (or a patch to the current version)? If and when this occurs, vulnerability codes such as COVART will also need to be updated to read the new format.

    • Sean Morrison

      Sean Morrison - 2008-03-18


      This is a really easy modification to make but I think it might be a bit premature for us to make the change before COVART updates their format.  If I recall correctly, those ID numbers are stashed into a text file using a fixed-width character delimiter (of 5 characters, hence the 99999 limit).  It would need to either be variable-width (ideal) or increase the size of the fields uniformly.

      Again, should be a really trivial mod, but there are a couple design decisions that need to be made (and it's not our format to be deciding those changes).



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