How to use dsp primitive?

  • Richard Uschold

    Richard Uschold - 2010-05-22

    I can't find any documentation on the dsp primitive (displacement map) other than a extremely brief definition which NAMES the required parameters, but fails to define what they MEAN! The acceptable file format(s) are not given either (neither .pix nor .bw work).

    The documentation that came with the package is rather poor, with many broken links and seems to be several versions old. I have version 7.12.2 for Mac OSX.


  • Sean Morrison

    Sean Morrison - 2010-06-03

    Documentation is very much limited on the 'dsp', but I'd be glad to answer any questions.  If you care to write up a brief tutorial or overview on our wiki, that would certainly be appreciated and could be integrated with our other documentation.  There's an example of such an overview for the EBM here:

    The data format for the DSP primitive is network-ordered unsigned short integers.  BRL-CAD has a couple dozen tools that you can use for converting existing data into that raw format, such as the 'cv' command or the 'bw-d' and 'd-u' commands among other similar tool chains.  If you use the cv command, the output format is "nus" for network unsigned shorts.


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