Is there a more complicated ray tracer?

  • sylvanus

    sylvanus - 2011-09-16


    I am an half physicist and half electrical engineer.

    I want to shoot and track the bounced off rays from an aircraft fuselage. The aircraft CAD data is in iges form.

    I studied BRL-CAD for couple of days. What I found was that BRL-CAD is not suitable for iges application, and its ray tracer is not for diffracted, double reflected, reflected-diffracted, creeping rays.

    Can anyone recommand a more suitable ray tracer for me? I would be very appreciated, if you do.

  • Sean Morrison

    Sean Morrison - 2011-09-16

    I'll grant you that our IGES import support is finicky at best, but our ray tracer definitely supports diffraction (at least in a geometrtical optics sense by tracking a refractive index or by reshooting rays at diffusion points) and multiple levels of reflection.  We simulate creeping rays with shadow ray calculations.  To get the full optics effects that you're looking for, you'd probably have to use our multispectral library and have some knowledge of C to write a driver application for whatever it is you're trying to simulate.

    Writing a program or script that bounces rays off an aircraft fuselage is actually pretty darn simple with our 'nirt' tool or with our LIBRT library.



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