#73 .mgedrc file not working in windows


I recently installed BRL-CAD for windows on my XP
machine. After setting up the windows and variables
how I would like them (face plate on, z clipping off,
etc) I clicked on Create/Update .mgedrc. The file is
created and appears to be correct but after closing
mged and then attempting to open a project by double-
clicking the .g file BRL-CAD opens up with the
default window size and variables. If I add in a line
at the beginning of the .mgedrc file it is read
properly - even if it is the exact same line as
below. A coworker had the same problem on 2 machines -
one XP and one 2000.

WORK AROUND - another coworker who had installed BRL-
CAD for windows when it was first released was able
to successfully create a working .mgedrc. Cutting and
pasting his .mgedrc file into my .mgedrc file worked.
After that I was able to adjust windows and variables
and successfully update the .mgedrc file using the
Create/Update .mgedrc option.


  • joshbaker1

    joshbaker1 - 2006-07-06

    copy of .mgedrc file that doesn't work

  • joshbaker1

    joshbaker1 - 2006-07-06

    copy of working .mgedrc file

  • joshbaker1

    joshbaker1 - 2006-07-06

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    Attached copy of working .mgedrc recieved from coworker.

  • joshbaker1

    joshbaker1 - 2006-09-05

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    commenting out the following line corrects the problem, but still gives an
    error on startup:

    # set mged_default(html_dir) C:\Program Files\BRL-CAD\doc/html/manuals/

    error on startup:
    unable to find 'html/manuals/mged' within the BRL-CAD software
    installation. This copy of BRL-CAD may not be properly installed.

  • David Loman

    David Loman - 2006-11-20

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    The main problem revolves around Windows/MGED interpretation of special characters. Check out this thread in the forums:


    However I highly recommend that the next windows release has a quickie fix for these bugs seeing as that File->Create/Update .mgedrc makes a broken .mgedrc file by default.

  • Sean Morrison

    Sean Morrison - 2008-05-07
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  • Sean Morrison

    Sean Morrison - 2008-05-07

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    This problem should be fixed in the latest release now that the file paths are properly quoted so that it no longer chokes on the spaces. Thanks for the report! And please do reopen this tracker item if you are still having problems using the latest 7.12.2 release. Cheers!


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