#328 Archer and tcl-based scripts won't start (Linux)


After successfully compilation and installation of BRL-CAD 7.22.0 from sources in "old way" (autogen/configure/make/make install) mged works, but tcl-based programs like archer or rtwizard don't.
It looks that those programs cannot find tcl packages on which they depends. Those packages are installed and available in /usr/brlcad/share/brlcad/7.22.0/tclscripts directory. Errors appears both when brl-cad is compiled with or without bundled tcl and tk.
My platform: Slackware linux 13.37 32bit.

Examples of errors:

bash-4.1# ./archer
invalid command name "::cadwidgets::Accordian"

Unexpected error encountered while running Archer.

bash-4.1# ./rtwizard
Error in startup script: can't find package GetOpt
while executing
"package require GetOpt"
(file "./rtwizard" line 69)

bash-4.1# pwd
bash-4.1# ./bwish
bwish> package require GetOpt
can't find package GetOpt


  • Sean Morrison

    Sean Morrison - 2012-10-05
    • assigned_to: nobody --> brlcad
    • status: open --> pending
  • Sean Morrison

    Sean Morrison - 2012-10-05

    It looks like some of the Tcl scripts that archer/rtwizard use are not being properly installed. Undoubtedly many/most of them are, which is why you see them in the tclscripts directory. As that's a separate build system, it's only minimally being kept up to date and is not tested very frequently.

    Is there a particular reason you're not using the newer cmake-based build system?

  • Szymon Dowkontt

    Szymon Dowkontt - 2012-10-08

    7.22.0 will not compile with cmake in some situations (Bug #3574721). I will try with current cvs version.

  • Szymon Dowkontt

    Szymon Dowkontt - 2012-10-09
    • status: pending --> open-works-for-me
  • Szymon Dowkontt

    Szymon Dowkontt - 2012-10-09

    Compiled with cmake works...

  • Sean Morrison

    Sean Morrison - 2012-10-10
    • milestone: 386421 --> other bug / workaround
    • status: open-works-for-me --> closed-works-for-me
  • Sean Morrison

    Sean Morrison - 2012-10-10

    glad to hear it.


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