#244 reopening compilation fix from #2943558

unexpected behavior
Ben Ward

I tried what you suggested, and it appears that file is either missing, or just not in the correct location.

[ben@kalkulon ~]$ nm src/libtclcad/.libs/libtclcad.a | grep tkImgFmtPIX
nm: 'src/libtclcad/.libs/libtclcad.a': No such file
[ben@kalkulon ~]$


  • Ben Ward

    Ben Ward - 2010-03-15
    • milestone: --> unexpected behavior
    • assigned_to: nobody --> brlcad
  • Ben Ward

    Ben Ward - 2010-03-15

    Sean, I tried what you suggested. before the bug tracker closed that issue... here is your suggestion.

    Date: 2010-02-12 13:33
    Sender: brlcadSourceForge.net Subscriber and DonorProject Admin

    Your latest error doesn't make a whole lot of sense and may simply
    indicate your compilation is in some peculiar state from rerunning make.
    It's complaining about a missing symbol that should be provided by a
    library that it's linking in. What does this output:

    nm src/libtclcad/.libs/libtclcad.a | grep tkImgFmtPIX

    It should report something like this:

    sushi:~/brlcad morrison$ nm src/libtclcad/.libs/libtclcad.a|grep
    00000720 D _tkImgFmtPIX

    If it does, then try running this and report the output:

    cd src/bwish

    and here is my ouput from the error in compiling BRL-CAD.

    [ben@kalkulon ~]$ nm src/libtclcad/.libs/libtclcad.a | grep tkImgFmtPIX
    nm: 'src/libtclcad/.libs/libtclcad.a': No such file
    [ben@kalkulon ~]$ su
    [root@kalkulon ben]# nm src/libtclcad/.libs/libtclcad.a | grep tkImgFmtPIX
    nm: 'src/libtclcad/.libs/libtclcad.a': No such file
    [root@kalkulon ben]#

    so what do you suggest at this point?

    thanks for all the advice and patience thus far.

  • Ben Ward

    Ben Ward - 2010-03-15

    I wondered where/why this file was missing, so I looked through the directory path, and here is what I found..

    [ben@kalkulon brlcad-7.16.4]$ cd src
    [ben@kalkulon src]$ ls
    adrt external lgt libged libsysv nirt sig
    anim fb libbn libmultispectral libtclcad other tab
    archer fbed libbu liboptical libtermio proc-db tclscripts
    brlman fbserv libcursor liborle libwdb README util
    burst gtools libdm libpc Makefile remrt vas4
    bwish halftone libfb libpkg Makefile.am rt vdeck
    canon irprep libfft librt Makefile.in rttherm vfont
    conv java libgcv librtserver mged shapes
    [ben@kalkulon src]$ cd libtclcad
    [ben@kalkulon libtclcad]$ ls
    ged_obj.c libtclcad_la-tclcadAutoPath.o Makefile.am
    libtclcad.dsp libtclcad_la-tclcad.lo Makefile.in
    libtclcad.la libtclcad_la-tclcad.o tclcadAutoPath.c
    libtclcad_la-ged_obj.lo libtclcad_la-tkImgFmtPIX.lo tclcad.c
    libtclcad_la-ged_obj.o libtclcad_la-tkImgFmtPIX.o tkImgFmtPIX.c
    libtclcad_la-tclcadAutoPath.lo Makefile
    [ben@kalkulon libtclcad]$ ls -a
    . libtclcad_la-ged_obj.lo libtclcad_la-tkImgFmtPIX.o
    .. libtclcad_la-ged_obj.o Makefile
    .deps libtclcad_la-tclcadAutoPath.lo Makefile.am
    ged_obj.c libtclcad_la-tclcadAutoPath.o Makefile.in
    .libs libtclcad_la-tclcad.lo tclcadAutoPath.c
    libtclcad.dsp libtclcad_la-tclcad.o tclcad.c
    libtclcad.la libtclcad_la-tkImgFmtPIX.lo tkImgFmtPIX.c
    [ben@kalkulon libtclcad]$ cd .libs
    [ben@kalkulon .libs]$ ls
    libtclcad.a libtclcad_la-tclcadAutoPath.o libtclcad.so.19
    libtclcad.la libtclcad_la-tclcad.o libtclcad.so.19.0.1
    libtclcad_la-ged_obj.o libtclcad_la-tkImgFmtPIX.o
    libtclcad.lai libtclcad.so
    [ben@kalkulon .libs]$ nm src/libtclcad/.libs/libtclcad.a | grep tkImgFmtPIX
    nm: 'src/libtclcad/.libs/libtclcad.a': No such file
    [ben@kalkulon .libs]$

    so I saw the file was in the path where I thought it should be, so I ran the comman again, and got the same output...
    and I have the man page for the "nm" command, so I (perhaps incorrectly) assume that the gnu tool is loaded.
    and following the same logic, I also have the man page for the grep comman... so I'm not sure what exactly is missing (ie whether it is the file, or the commands to check it with)

  • Sean Morrison

    Sean Morrison - 2010-04-06

    Duplicate of 2943558. Reopening the previous tracker item for continuity.

  • Sean Morrison

    Sean Morrison - 2010-04-06
    • status: open --> closed-duplicate

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