#212 RE: 7.12.6 crashes in Windows XP

crash or data loss

This scenario is 100% repeatable when I double-click the shortcuts for MGED, Archer, and RtWizard, but will cite details for MGED:

-- Double-click the shortcut for MGED.
-- What I take to be a console window appears for MGED.
-- After a pause, windows entitled
(Tk) MGED 7.12.6 Command Window (id_0)
(Tk) MGED 7.12.6 Graphics Window (id_0)
appear, but nothing (menus, toolbars, whatever) is drawn in them. Precisely, the Graphics window
appears to have been painted gray, and the Command window shows only its edges and titlebar,
but the contents of the screen "beneath" it are still visible. (That is, that portion of the screen hasn't
been erased yet.)
-- The crash dialog appears, stating that "mged.exe has encountered a problem...".
-- I click the "click here" link to see what the error report contains. Another dialog appears,
displaying the error signature
AppName: mged.exe AppVer: ModName: unknown
ModVer: Offset: 00000000

-- I click the Technical Details link, see the temp file, and have attached it. The one thing I haven't done
is copy and paste the associated dump info. If you'd like this as well, let me know, and I'll repeat this
process again.



  • mvsmith

    mvsmith - 2009-05-01

    XML database of crash details

  • Sean Morrison

    Sean Morrison - 2009-05-01
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  • Sean Morrison

    Sean Morrison - 2009-05-01

    My guess would be that the OpenGL initialization failed. You could try to update your graphics driver, but again it's just a guess. Unfortunately, the "technical details" aren't very technical or informative.

    We certainly can't seem to reproduce this problem on any of our (XP) systems, so maybe Bob can work with you sometime before the next release to try some things out.

  • mvsmith

    mvsmith - 2009-05-01

    UPDATE: Darn...I added a comment, but it didn't seem to make it. Will attempt again.
    I suspected an OpenGL problem also, and ran a suite of tests in a utility OGLTest from a company named ADA and Bruce C. Olsen.

    All the tests passed except for one: a window appears having 4 panes. In each there's a rectangle containing a text label. You're supposed to maximize and then manually resize the window and verify that the 4 rectangles remain. They didn't. I've attached the logfile from the test; however, it lists the OS as Windows 2000, but it's Win XP, SP3.


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