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  • Clinton Morse

    Clinton Morse - 2007-11-28

    I am in the process of setting up a machine to run Ubuntu Studio (Linux noob here) and am very interested in playing with the Bristol Synth Emulator.  I used to do pro audio repair and have been 'under the hood' on most of the machines on the list in my younger days.  It would be very cool to have some virtual machines to mess around with...

    Anyway, just curious if there are any demos (songs or sound samples) created with the Bristol that folks would care to share to whet my appetite.  I couldn't find anything via a google search.

    Also, used to do some programming (6502/Z80 assembler, pascal and modula 2) back in the 80's (I'm limited to a little php & database these days) and might be interested in assisting with some peripheral coding help in improving the package once I'm up and running...

    Thanks... Clint...

    • Nick Copeland

      Nick Copeland - 2007-11-28

      Hi Clint,

      That is the second request this week for sound samples to be provided by the website. There were a few people who mailed explaining that they had used diverse emulations in their compilations and admitedly it would be good to have references to their work. I do have an action point to create 2 or 3 short samples of sounds from each emulation that can be auditioned from the sourceforge website however I will admit that I have not made much advance in doing this, largely since it is related to promoting the application rather than developing it and I prefer the development effort.

      This might sound a little like passing the buck, but bristol has options to copy the audio output stream to a (raw) file which can then be sox converted into any format - if you would like to give some samples of your favorite sounds it would help me to get samples on to the website.

      Kind regards,


    • Clinton Morse

      Clinton Morse - 2007-11-29

      OK, I'm not 100% sure when I'll get the new machine up and running, but once I do I'll endeavor to do some sound programming and try and create some audio demo's for you to put up on the website. I've got an old Moog Source kicking around upstairs (got a memory problem, but I think the audio chain still works), also a Roadrunner with a couple busted  keys.  Be neat to compare the emulation to.  I used to have a Mono/Poly and Juno106 but sold them years ago...

      One synth I always wanted to play with was an Oberheim Matrix 12.  Maybe if I figure out enough of the programming I might be able to cobble a Matrix 12 clone together.  It would certainly be fun to try...

      Thanks for the prompt reply...


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