Bernhard L. - 2013-10-10


first of all I have to say that I really like to play around with Bristol, especially the sound of the b3 emulation is just great. Good work!

But sometimes when I play that b3 from my midi keyboard, there happens to suddenly appear a really loud scratchy noise, far louder than the normal emulator's volume, and it lasts for some seconds if you stop playing. I didn't find any regularity about this, just seems to come out quite randomly, often in a period of a few minutes.
The only hint I have is that it just came after I turned the output gain up to 10-20. Before that, I used the default output gain of 4 and it just worked fine even for hours. Since using the higher gain, that noise sadly makes me afraid of using Bristol at live concerts (which I definitly would like to do!).

I use Bristol together with Alsa. If you need further technical information about my setup, please tell me.

Any ideas on this? Thanks for your support!

Update: I see this also happens with gain 4. So my guess about the gains is pointless now.

Last edit: Bernhard L. 2013-10-11