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  • Daniel

    Daniel - 2007-06-09

    Hi... and sorry for my bad english

        I have download bristol 0.10.5, I uncompress and compiling without errors (but with some warnnings) and do make install. The build platform is a Musix 0.99 distro (based on debian etch you know? ). I'am very interested in use bristol with jack but... some synths no work... and others hang completly the computer.

       explorer only play some notes... others "clok" when key press "clok" when depress
       hammond always display b3 but no sound
       mono, poly, prophet, pr10, pr52, obx hangs the computer (all... no keyboard no mouse... only reset button)
       juno, obxa no sound

       I use 2.6.16-beyond4.1 kernel in real time

    Someone can help me?



    • Nick Copeland

      Nick Copeland - 2007-06-12

      Hi Daniel,

      Most of the compiler errors come from the mixer GUI which is not actually operational. I have debated removing the GUI code until it is closer to completion as the errors are a a bit disconcerting. There are other complaints about some of the emulations, something I am clearing up slowly with each release.

      For any of the emulations that give no sound you may want to start them with '-gain 16' or higher. The emulations have always used low signal levels. Some reports have come in requiring values of 64 however start with smaller values.

      For the ones that hang your system I would have to download Musix and review the emulations. I know that there have been other reports of the system freezing, even with the newer kernels so apart from altering the scheduling priorities used by Bristol (which may be a little high anyway) there may be little I can do. Not sure when I can get around to testing a copy of their (live) CD.

      With the 0.10.5 release did you check the 'gain' on the Hammond B3? If it is set to zero you would get the symptoms you are seeing, just wind it up a bit and save the memory. Alternatively, press some of the inverted keys at the bottom of the keyboard, these are like the original Hammond presets and will configure just the visible controls, including volume. To save any changes you make you have to doubleclick on the 12th note of the lower manual.



    • Daniel

      Daniel - 2007-06-12

      thanks for your response :)

         I test the gain option and it works.

         Musix comes with 0.9 version of Bristol in a .deb package. I remove this .deb before compiling Bristol. I experienced some problems when i compiled the aplication on MUSIX. I must install some dev packages and kernel headers and after instalation of headers do some soft links (ln -s) in /usr/include for complete the compilation. This is for size reasons. "Seniors" of the distro always need more space for new aplications and the compilation work is not a priority. For restore the devel libraires MUSIX have a script named "" the others tasks... you know... If you test MUSIX and Bristol this information can help you... If you need some help for this work and i can do something... tell me please

         I see your (incredible!!!) work... one newer release every 15-20 days!!!! if Birstol is a one-man aplication..... uffff my admiration for you!!
         I will wait new releases for testing

      T.I.A. (and sorry for my bad english again... i hope you can understand me...)


    • Nick Copeland

      Nick Copeland - 2007-06-12

      Good to hear you have some results. I mean to look into the default gain levels for some of the synths, however they kind of work on every PC I use and I don't want to windd up the defaults.

      Daniel, I will look into Musix but am not sure when I will get that done.

      Additionally, there have been uploads every couple of weeks recently - the GNU autotools were implemented plus a couple more synths. I think things will quieten down now whilst I work through a few fixes and performance enhancements.

      Regards, nick.

    • Daniel

      Daniel - 2007-07-16


         Yes!!! I download and compile bristol 0.10.6 over the MUSIX platform and all emulations work!!! No Hang computer...
         I make the .deb package for MUSIX that is now tested for the musix users.

      Thanks again

      Regards, Daniel

    • Nick Copeland

      Nick Copeland - 2007-07-17

      Hi Daniel,

      Pleased things are working now. There were a lot of changes from 0.9 to 0.10, especially in the build procedures and that should help the maintenance of the release on Musix. 0.10.7 is due for upload probably early next month and more stuff will follow. There should not be any major changes in the next release so working with 0.10.6 is probably a good choice for now,

      Kind regards,



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