configure doesn't detect alsa or jack

  • Simon Hickinbotham


    I'm trying to install bristol 0.2.4 on Xubuntu (I think it's feisty), but ./configure doesn't detect alsa or jack. I know alsa and jack are running because I'm using seq24 and they work fine.

    I'm installing bristol in /opt/bin/ at the moment - could that be the cause of the problem? Where should I install it??

    thanks in advance,


    • Nick Copeland

      Nick Copeland - 2008-04-28

      Having ALSA fail would indicate that I cannot find the header files and that is a bit painful.

      You could try and download the RPM which I think is available on Jacklab, that way you may not have to compile.

      The best option would be to try something like this. If Jack and ALSA installed correctly then they would have built a 'pkg-config' file. These are sometimes in different places for lots of reasons and bristol does not look for them anymore. The  two files you want are 'jack.pc' and 'alsa.pc', typically they are in  /usr/lib/pkg-config and you can set a variable called PKG_CONFIG_PATH to point to where you want the ./configure process to look. Sometimes you will find /var/lib/pkg-config, /usr/local/lib/pkg-config or sometimes they are kept privately. You could use 'find' to go look for them.

      If some of that does not make sense then don't worry - give me a reply and I will explain the steps.

      Kind regards,

    • takamori

      takamori - 2008-05-25

      In Ubuntu Gutsy I found I had to install libjack0.100.0-dev to get the JACK headers.  I didn't have a problem on alsa; not sure what the diff there is (altho it should probably be noted I have a number of Jack-driven and Alsa-driven apps already installed and working fine).

    • Nick Copeland

      Nick Copeland - 2008-05-25

      The sounds about right. I should perhaps put a message in the configure script to report the requirement to install the libjack-dev headers? My issue still is that some systems already have them but the pkg-config is not set up correctly.

      Pleased this works now and many thanks for the feedback. Let me know how you get on.


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