Andrew C - 2012-05-20

I've noticed filter changes with the latest 0.60.10 release, some patches I did on the juno suddenly went very very quiet, though the filter sweeps are now truly a great thing to listen to.

I've noticed though that the Env/Kbd controls seem a bit 'weird' (either that I haven't been using them properly in the first place). I've noticed that when you set the env control to 0, the freq of the filter can sweeped up and down with the freq knob, everything from fully closed to wide open, but increasing the env by any amount makes the filter close up and open as the env knob is raised, the freq knob doesn't seem to have much of an effect. Not that I'm complaining, just takes a bit of getting used to.

I'm also having a bit of trouble getting non-clicky amp envelope attack/release times, should I need to increase attack/release times, even with the 0.5ms min attack/release time that are already hardcoded or am I wrong in thinking that 0.5ms is enough to remove most clicking (admittedly, I did get some annoying note-on/off clicks on the polysix even when there was a quite noticeable fade-in time on the attack for the amp envelope)?