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  • bruce marcus

    bruce marcus - 2008-03-30

    there are several emulations that release over midi doesnt seem to work. Rhodes is one and pro5 is another. when I try to set the release over keyboard it has no effect over a midi device but it works fine over the built-in keyboard. For instance roadrunner works fine on release. release is instantaneous over a midi device. is this a bug?

    my system:
    ubuntu 7.10
    edirol ua-700
    yamaha dsr-2000
    bristol source 0.20.1


    • Nick Copeland

      Nick Copeland - 2008-03-31

      That does sound like a bug. As ever there are some anomalies here. To start with I develop currently under Ubuntu 7.10 and when using a keyboard I use an Edirol PCR-30 so I will have a look into the emulations you are talking about.

      The only anomalies I knew of should have been fixed, the last one was interpretation of Note_on+Velocity_0 as note_off. Bristol does correctly interpret this but it caused problems since it was correctly interpreted in the engine but not in the MIDI library which caused things like the arpeggiator to fail.

      Depending on what I find here I may get to you run some debugging output.


    • Nick Copeland

      Nick Copeland - 2008-03-31

      Actually, another thing that occurred to me is whether this affects all keys you press, or just some of the keys some of the time?

      There were some big changes in 0.20.4 with how note events were managed. Prior to this release it was possible to lose some note-on and note-off events due to timing windows between the audio and midi threads in the engine and previous attempts to resolve the issue were kind of patch. The full fix was rather large, it required the use of a couple of semaphores on the critical code sections, but it needed to be done in any case. This may fix the issue however if you do not get ANY note-off events from the MIDI controller then you have a different problem.

      If I can reproduce the issue I will get you a fix shortly. If not I will advise on some stuff you can try in order to get me more information on what is happening.

      Regards, Nick.

    • Nick Copeland

      Nick Copeland - 2008-03-31

      Hi Bruce,

      I cannot reproduce this here with Ubuntu 7.10, Roland PCR-M30 and Bristol 0.20.5 - the current development release. That is bad news. Here is what we need to do:

      Download 0.20.4, build and install. Its the currently available version.
      startBristol -jupiter [and any other options you give]
      (the jupiter is not yet released but has a few features. It may sound audibly bad, thats why its not released).

      At the far right of the GUI you can find a blue button call Fn. Press it so that it lights up.
      Select soundbank 6. This enables MIDI debugging in the engine.

      Now play some stuff, preferably stuff that leaves notes hanging. The window where you started bristol should display midi note events (it should display all midi events that the engine sees). It is possible that the jupiter will not have the same problem but it will let me know what your MIDI controller is sending. Unfortunately the jupiter and crumar/bit emulators are the only ones that can enable midi debugging at the moment.

      I need that output to see what notes you press then what notes get released and how they get release (ie, as note_off events or as note_on/velocity_0, etc.



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