Installation Quandry

  • Stephen H. Dawson


    I installed Bristol on my Linux Mint box via the Software Manager.  It says "Installed".  However, I cannot find how to start the application.

    How does one start the application, or perhaps it did not install…..?


  • Nick Copeland

    Nick Copeland - 2012-10-20

    You need to use 'startBristol', it starts all the different process needed to run the application. I do here what you are saying - it would be better to call the script 'bristol' and have it start all the process under other names. Perhaps for a future release.

    The startBristol script takes a lot of options so try some options such as -h, -help to get more information.

    Regards, nick

  • Stephen H. Dawson


    Where is the help file?

  • Nick Copeland

    Nick Copeland - 2012-10-20

    You can try 'man bristol' and 'startBristol -readme'. Depending on your release you might find the readme somewhere but that depends on who packages the app. Between the manpage and -readme you should find most of what you need.

  • Stephen H. Dawson

    OK, the man helped a lot.  Do you have some examples I can go through to listen to?  The sound quality is not what I expected.  I am guessing it is because I have not setup a lot of parameters.


  • Nick Copeland

    Nick Copeland - 2012-10-23

    Hi Stephan,

    Which of the emulators are you working with? I admit that some are better than others. None of them will sound very good on laptop speakers - headphones or off-board amp will give you best results.

    Now all the sounds are generated on demand, there are no wavetables or anything. That does mean you may have to play around to get the sound you want. Most of the patches came from me playing around whilst writing each emulator, quite a few have been donated, but I don't have a bunch of people who are dedicated to generating patches.

    Kind regards, nick.

  • Stephen H. Dawson

    Mostly the Fender Rhodes.  I will plug in my IEM and see how it goes.

    No complaints.  You have a wonderful product, much more than I have produced in life.



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