roloman - 2010-09-27

Just wanted to follow up on a thread from earlier this year…

Last April I couldn't get Rosegarden to control Bristol (see this thread Never did get it resolved and had to put it aside.

In the mean time, I installed 64Studio 3.0 beta. This week I installed an RME Multiface II. Last stage in getting the Mulitface fully functional was to get the MIDI interface working with my Roland EP-7 keyboard. After some googling I discovered that the MIDI Driver in the jack setup window needs to be set to 'seq' (at least for my configuration). Presto, my external keyboard can now control soft synths via connections in the ALSA tab of jackctl.

I decided to give Bristol another try. Downloaded, compiled and installed per the last entry in this post Used 'startBristol -jack' to launch and it worked as advertised. However, could not get the Roland keyboard to control Bristol.

More googling produced this thread
Used 'startBristol -jack -midi seq' to launch Bristol and presto, I now have external keyboard control (after making to correct connections in the ALSA tab of jackctl).

Decided to give Rosegarden another try and it works (make sure to select the correct midi device in Rosegarden's playback parameters dropdown). I created a test track in Rosegarden, dropped some notes on a staff in the "notation" view, hit play on the transport and Bristol played to notes as advertised (don't forget to make the correct audio connections in jackctl to send Bristol audio to the correct system playback device).

Can't wait to use Bristol with Ardour and my Multiface II.