Nick Copeland - 2009-05-27

This is a request for features for coming bristol releases. Currently on the wishlist are the features below, none of them particularly prioritised however 3 and 4 are my favourites at the moment.

1. finishing up some of the loose end emulators
2. OSC support although I am not convinced this is interesting
3. Yamaha ym2151 (dx9/dx27/fb01) soundchip
4. Yamaha ym2128/2129 (dx7/dx1/tz816) reversed engineered combo chip
5. ELKA Synthex
6. LASH support (API is in flux at the moment though)
7. DSSI/LV2 support (not my favourite but has been requested)

A guy called David Horvath is working on a mother GUI for the emulators, details can be found in 


This might also be worth working on with him, I was considering doing one of these but I am very agreeable to this one. 

Other points are DSP improvements such as (9) raised by Andrew Coughlan.

9. Aliasing noise reduction
10. More filter optimisation