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This is u-ber-cool

  • Anonymous - 2011-06-24

    Guys, I'm just posting to say this is wicked. I could not dream of such a collection ; I just spend the best part of this morning testing emulations, using

    #startBristol -jack -autoconn -synthname

    and everything is automagically connected; well, not MIDI, but the PC KB works right away ! And some shit is really creative, like the sidney SID chip with arpeggiator, KB split and everything ? Woah. Guys, this is the shit, right here.

  • Relationalist

    Relationalist - 2011-07-28

    Hey. I had these feelings too, half a year ago when first discovered bristol.

    For the last few days I've checked out some music notation and ear training software and tried do figure out what's possible with nted and rosegarden and Jack and what not. When finally discovering that all is possible I ran into a funny mood and guess what I did?

    I loaded a midi file of the 4th invention of Bach into rosegarden, melted the tracks together and let it play, transferring the notes to a 6voice instance of Bristol mini moog … and …

    :      :      :      :     :     :    :   :  :  : : : : :::WHATTHEHELLISTHIS::::: : : :  :  :  :   :   :   :    :    :    :     :     :     :     :      :      :      :

    This is some of the coolest shit I ever did with music. And I've done a lot. Ever heard of Wendy Carlos and Switched on Bach or watched Clockwork Orange? Then go and try  yourself!

    But beware. I had to stop it now, fearing I might go crazy of this stuff …


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