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Andrew C
  • Andrew C

    Andrew C - 2009-05-26

    Hey guys,

    Just wondering, before I submit a feature request, would any of you think it'd be a good idea for some of the Bristol emulations (perhaps starting with the mini moog) to automatically detune while running? I.E just like the analog equivelent?

    Like to know your thoughts on this.

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    • Nick Copeland

      Nick Copeland - 2009-05-26

      They already do a bit of this: the -detune flag will let you define the discrepancy with the target frequency and whenever a note is pressed a random amount of this value is added/subtracted from the true frequency. As per the original this will thus be different by voice and some will vary up, others down depending on the accuracy of their components.

      I did consider doing this by variance over time however I don't really see the point of that: if you like a bit of detune to bring some movement into the sound then this does a reasonable job. If I introduced more and more variance over time then eventually you would just have to retune the synth which everybody agreed was a royal pain and was eventually done automatically.

      I am open to suggestions on how it could be improved but if it does not include a reasonable degree of randomness between voices then one might as well just detune the synth to start and have done.

      Regards, Nick.

    • Andrew C

      Andrew C - 2009-05-26

      Ok, forget I even mentioned it.

      While it would be a humourous novelty, I think it would annoy a lot of people.


    • Nick Copeland

      Nick Copeland - 2009-05-27

      We could perhaps start a more general thread: what options should be included that are now missing?

      Some of the stuff I would consider are

      1. finishing up some of the loose end emulators
      2. OSC support although I am not convinced this is interesting
      3. Yamaha ym2151 (dx9/dx27/fb01) soundchip
      4. Yamaha ym2128/2129 (dx7/dx1/tz816) reversed engineered combo chip
      5. ELKA Synthex
      6. LASH support (API is in flux at the moment though)
      7. DSSI/LV2 support (not my favourite but has been requested)

      A guy called David Horvath is working on a mother GUI for the emulators, details can be found in


      This might also be worth working on with him, I was considering doing one of these but I am very agreeable to this one.

      Other points are DSP improvements such as the one you raised

      9. Aliasing noise reduction
      10. More filter optimisation

      It is worth saying that the next release at least will probably just consist of another biggger SID synth. Anyway, I think I might post this as separate thread this afternoon and see where the discussion goes.

      Regards, Nick.

      • Andrew C

        Andrew C - 2009-05-27


        I'm particularly liking that MonoBristol mother GUI, simple and to the point!

        I have a few concerns though about Dssi/LV2 support, while I'm not opposed to it but what use would it be? With JACK, audio can pass between different applications, so would we need a plugin for doing such things?

        I'll talk to you about the bigger SID softsynth in a different thread.


    • Nick Copeland

      Nick Copeland - 2009-05-27


      I kind of see DSSI and Jack as separate audio servers and the request came in from somebody using it and also have reservations about it. It's good to have it on the list though, things will no doubt get more priority which means other features will have get less. Can't have a list where everything is crucial.

      Listen, I will put this in a different thread and take it up there. We could also start a separate one, both on Open discussion if you have specific questions about -sid2 (you can see it now with the -libtest option).

      Kind regards, Nick.


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