Drop Shadow gui issue

  • kd4pba

    kd4pba - 2007-02-16

    Hi, I have been using this software for some time under 9.4 and it works great on Fedora 5.  I have tried several times to use 9.5 and 9.6 but I have issues. I know there is mention of a "drop Shadow" bug in the release notes but I am curious if that is really the issue I am having. When I try to start bristol with any synth under 9.5 or 9.6 , it starts, but the gui is red with "bristol" written over the front of the synth and is generally impossible to read or use. Maybe this is a stupid question but is there any type of work around for this? Am I doing something wrong or should I have done something else after the build. Any suggestions, would be very much appreciated.  This is a wonderful piece of software by they way!

    • Nick Copeland

      Nick Copeland - 2007-02-17

      You can try to start bristol with the '-logo' flag. I put the logo on the screen per default although I will change it, I was a bit too happy with the implementation of the transparency layer for the ARP 2600 that I used the same layer for the logo for the other synths. It is a bit silly and will disappeaer later.

      If you are getting strange colors there are some other options. I have to state that bristol uses the X color map and requests a 'close color match'. If there server is short of colors then you may end up getting some biasing which results in tinged images. Try using '-quality 98' or '-quality 99' - this is the desired accuracy of the color mappings. Default is just 95 to limit the size of the color map (95% accuracy just about halves the size of the map). You can try 100% but that generally damages due to the use of blue as another transparency. At 100% accuracy you will actually see the blue transparency as a color.

      If the problem persists then you might want to look at your rgb.txt in the /usr/X11 tree.

      Kind regards,



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