High Note Priority for Polysix?

Andrew C
  • Andrew C

    Andrew C - 2009-08-05

    Hi Nick,

    What would I have to change in the Polysix code so that the default mono mode is high note priority? I'd like to play the polysix with 6 voices to one key with HNP basically, instead of HNP with 1 Voice.


    • Nick Copeland

      Nick Copeland - 2009-08-06

      Ok, the default Mono mode is last note preference, ie, all voices are assigned to the more recently pressed note. I thought that was now the original worked however I could see some nice uses for all six voices slightly detuned and a monophonic HNP playing style, that would be serisouly fat.

      Let me look into how the two code sections can be merged: I have one assignment algorithm for polyphonic voices (which does last note precedence Mono mode as well) and a separate code section which does what I would call true High or Low note precedence but only works in Mono mode - no multivoice assignments can be done with this piece.

      Regards, nick.

      • Andrew C

        Andrew C - 2009-08-09

        By multiVoice assignments, do you mean that the mono code can only do 1 voice per key, but not 6 Voices per key? I look forward to it, it should be good fun. :-)



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