Load/Save sounds

  • Fabien

    Fabien - 2007-08-20


    I would thank you for these great synthisizers. I spend lots of hours playing with them.

    In a future release, do you plan to implement a real Load/Save sound dialog box ? With this, it will be easier to store and retrieve sounds, and to store them in the directory of the song for instance.



    • Nick Copeland

      Nick Copeland - 2007-08-20

      Hello Fabien,

      At the moment all the synths save their sounds to the Bristol memory draw, and as such it does not do quite what you want. There are two developments that will help this, implementation of LASH support, and secondly a menu system that will eventuall allow you to specify destination files.

      Do you use LASH support now? If you want to link tools into a single project then this is where it is at currently.

      Kind regards,


    • Fabien

      Fabien - 2007-08-21


      Many thanks for your answers. I'll give a try to LASH when the implementation will be achieved.

      Best regards,


    • Nick Copeland

      Nick Copeland - 2007-08-21

      Hi Fabian,

      That will not be for a couple of releases maybe. It is a requirement and has been demanded a couple of times already.

      You do have the '-load #' option to start the application, not sure if that helps. If you start a synth and give it a -load number it will load that memory number. As long as you know which memories are saved with which song it is a basic interface. Default memory number is '1' for most synths.

      Will try and bring LASH support forward, announcements via the usual channels.

      Kind regards,



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