Holman - 2009-05-10

Hello my name is Holman Buenaventura  and my email is habuenav@hotmail.com
First of all I want to congratulate them on this project, currently working on a community television channel, and I have coding many videos to upload to the website of the channel (www.asotv-vegachi.com), of which I am also the webmaster, and given that the encoding takes quite a bit and there are many videos I looked for on this subject of video encoder distributed, on channel have 3 computers available for encoding the videos. During my search I found several programs to do that encode videos using a computer network between the programs I found are: x246farm, netencoder, carbon encoder, deadline and others, but all are very complicated to use, some good can not even begin on you is quite intuitive and easy to use is a shame that a little unstable when you configure the codec's.
I have average knowledge of php, c + + builder, javascript and if I can work on something I am at your disposal, I'd like to help or be a betatester.
Well not being but I congratulate them and many people continue to take advantage of this program is that.

P.D: sorry my english is bad, I use google translator, i am from colombia and speak spanish.