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Annoying sound lag fixed.

I found the cause for the annoying 0.5 sec sound on Windows (XP).
This new package is also quite a bit smaller for even quicker downloads.
Have much fun playing brillion.

Posted by Stefan `Sec` Zehl 2004-06-17

Finally: Brillion with sound.

I finally added some sounds to Brillion,
have fun with them.

There seems to be a sound lag issue affecting windows, please be sure to report your findings back.

The windows version also has a fixed uninstaller, and a nicer icon.

Posted by Stefan `Sec` Zehl 2004-06-15

Highscore fixed.

No more crashing and corrupted highscore lists.
Have fun :-)

Posted by Stefan `Sec` Zehl 2004-06-14

Windows Installer

I felt bored, and made up an windows installer
package for WinBrillion.

Posted by Stefan `Sec` Zehl 2004-02-24

Brillion (non-)progress

I apologise for the lack of progress here. You can already play the game, but I've been far too busy to implement the main menu and level restart features. I hope this will change sometime soon. Also I'm still looking for someone to help me with the sound FX.

Posted by Stefan `Sec` Zehl 2003-09-22

billion-cvs mailinglist

For all those interested ones, go here to subscribe, and never miss an important update of your favourite game.

Posted by Stefan `Sec` Zehl 2003-03-14

A sign of life!

I have just wrapped up game.c over the weekend. Finally brillion resembles a game. (with lives and points and multiple levels). Try it!

Posted by Stefan `Sec` Zehl 2003-02-25

Not dead yet.

brillion is not dead. I expect to make a playable test-release as soon as I actually finish level changing/winning...

Posted by Stefan `Sec` Zehl 2003-01-04


The first version is in the cvs. It even displays something :)

Posted by Stefan `Sec` Zehl 2002-10-14