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#4 Program starts up showing templates list and stuck

Ganesh Arul

Installed latest version on WinXP laptop
Had initial problem where Bricxcc could not connect
to the RCX 2 brick ("Cannot find brick"), even
thought using RIS all worked fine.
Could get into the main program and it seemed to work.
Tried a number of things, inlucing trying to install
earlier version (, Lego SDK etc

After installing older ver of bricxcc, got an error
about memory conflict, and since then when start it
up first got comms error then goes into page that
shows templates, and can do nothing with (see
attached image).

Later saw "bug" listed in this website that said to
choose only USB1, and that got past the comms problem.

But now still can't get actual program to work.
Tried deleting the whole Bricxcc folder and also used
Regedit to get rid of the key, restarted, then re-
installed... and same problem!
Need help urgent!!!

Am running labs in Uni using brickcc, but not able to
try things on my own PC.


  • Ganesh Arul

    Ganesh Arul - 2006-08-06

    Shot of screen that it gets stuck in on starting.

  • John Hansen

    John Hansen - 2007-01-16
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  • John Hansen

    John Hansen - 2007-01-16

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    Try pressing F9 to get the template window to go away. Or download the latest version (, install it, and then download the latest test release (

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