#36 structs doesn't permits arrays

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When you try to create an struct like this:

struct s {
int a[10];

it simply say that:

# Error: ';' expected
File "/home/lab/test.nxc" ; line 14
# int a[1
# Error: Invalid variable declaration (])
File "/home/lab/test.nxc" ; line 16

So, i deduce that it's not posible for the compiler to understand this construction.

It's actually this way?

PD: Sorry my english.


  • John Hansen

    John Hansen - 2007-09-26

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    You cannot specify a size for arrays in structs. Their size is required to be a run-time configuration rather than a compile-time configuration. Just leave off the size and then on the instance of the struct you can initialize the array to a certain size using ArrayInit(myStruct.a, 0, 10);

    Here's the right syntax:

    struct s {
    int a[];

    task main() {
    s myStruct;
    ArrayInit(myStruct.a, 0, 10);

    John Hansen

  • John Hansen

    John Hansen - 2007-09-26
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  • Nobody/Anonymous

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  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    All right. Thank you very much :-D, and sorry for my error.

  • John Hansen

    John Hansen - 2009-01-18
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