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brickos-0.9.0/lnpd-0.9.0 Released!

Two new packages are avail for testing! This is first lnpd for BrickOS release and USB IR Tower support for Linux.

Enjoy! -Stephen

Posted by Stephen M. Moraco 2005-01-18

Reviewing patches in final push

It's time to close out current work and release BrickOS v1.0.0 I'm reviewing outstanding patches, bugs, enhancement requests, too in order to be able respond to as many of these as practical with this next release -Stephen

Posted by Stephen M. Moraco 2005-01-16

LNPD now in CVS, not yet patched

I've added LNPD sources to our CVS. I'm next needing to apply the patches to make it work with our current version. Then comes adding install targets to the makefiles... sigh... the work never ends ;-)

Posted by Stephen M. Moraco 2005-01-16

Test release brickos- avail.

Had to fix problems found in 10.5 release.
See notes posted with 10.6.
Please use 10.6 version

Posted by Stephen M. Moraco 2004-02-17

Test release of Avail.

General CVS rollup + bugfixes + patches + fixes for latest gcc toolset. Feedback via lugnet requested.
(See release notes and changelog info at download page and ChangeLog within tar'd source

Posted by Stephen M. Moraco 2004-02-16

Work in progress, really!

We are working on two fronts at this time. (1) integrating patches submitted to-date and some new features into next release followed shortly by 1.0.0!

and (2) stephen is working on new binutils and gcc packages for Debian. His hope is to release them before out .11 point release.

Posted by Stephen M. Moraco 2004-01-13

Test release brickos- Avail.

Rollup of latest from CVS, patches and bugfixes.

Posted by Stephen M. Moraco 2003-02-18

Now linked to from

As you may know, we changed our name from legos to
brickos in response to a reuest from the LEGO company.
Now that we have changed our name, they have linked to
our website from their Advanced Users page at the
Mindostorms site. This appears to have happened either
before or on 13 Feb 2003.
- Thought you enjoy hearing this. -Stephen

Posted by Stephen M. Moraco 2003-02-14

Test release brickos- Avail.

I've uploaded a minor change to the ./configure script
which prevents false identification of directory as
the gcc compiler. Please test this if you were one that
experienced this problem.

Posted by Stephen M. Moraco 2002-11-07

Test release Avail

Our latest test release is available. Please refer to LUGNET new post for details. Download from Files section of this project web.

Posted by Stephen M. Moraco 2002-10-31

Test release Avail.

Our first brickOS test release was posted today!
Download it from the Files section.

Posted by Stephen M. Moraco 2002-09-02

We're populating our CVS archive

We've determined that we are move the project to the
brickOS CVS repository and doing or name conversion
entirely within the new location. See the brickos-devel
archive for details. -Stephen

Posted by Stephen M. Moraco 2002-08-17

brickOS project site is on the air!

Well, it's all setup. Our new web face is active and is now in CVS as well. The legOS code has not yet moved to this project. How we start from here is still being planned. At this time all members of the legOS project are now active in this project with the same permissions as each had in legOS work. -Stephen

Posted by Stephen M. Moraco 2002-07-19