snarshad - 2005-04-28

I can't seem to run any applescripts that talk to iTunes via mod_perl on my server (iMac).

The really perplexing part of this is that it's working on my Powerbook, and I can't tell what's different about the setup.

The error seems to be a security thing - my web-app triggered applescripts, run by user www are not allowed to talk to the WindowServer.  So I get errors like this in the error_log:

INIT_Processeses(), could not establish the default connection to the WindowServer.

Any ideas on what to do about this?  And further, any ideas on how this possibly works on my powerbook, but not the iMac?

(on both machines, only one user is logged in.  It's the same username (arshad), and arshad is an admin.)