Arrall Austin

An online, multiuser, data collection, rating, tagging, and brainstorming app. Try it at http://www.wudiware.com or this projects web page.

Create nodes from links from the web (pictures, urls). Add your own comments to the node. Organize nodes in your own layout, or use a rated, stairs display of popular nodes. My hope is this app will lead to a better app for brainstorming.

Interface is now click/touch driven. Touch nodes to select and bring up the explore and open buttons. There are now three "root" nodes. School(new and laid out by admins), Home (Each user has their own home to post their own ideas which also show up in the final root, Web) and Web which shows nodes based on popularity or tag search.

It runs on Flash 10.1 and has been tested on a Eee Pad android tablet and a small netbook.

Please give it a try and leave some feedback!

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