MATLAB and linux

  • Martin Huelse

    Martin Huelse - 2007-05-29

    BRAHMS needs MATLAB libs (libmx etc), that's what is missing on my machine
    and I don't know yet, whether matlab provides a 64-bit linux version of its libraries
    or not. Is there a way to use BRAHMS without MATLAB?

    • mitch

      mitch - 2007-05-29

      the BRAHMS runtime is, indeed, currently dependent on the matlab libraries ( and, at least). the only way i know of to make these available is to install MATLAB, though you might be able to obtain the libraries without obtaining the whole of MATLAB, i don't know. in any case, the reason for the dependence is that the current process implementations (standard library, ABRG neural toolbox) all expect their initialisation data to be passed as MATLAB arrays, a legacy from the birth of BRAHMS within the MATLAB environment (as a mex file). the next major development step of BRAHMS is slated to be removal of these dependencies by adding code to those processes to read init data directly from XML. this will remove the last MATLAB dependencies from the BRAHMS runtime. currently, i would expect that release to surface by the end of July at the latest, but perhaps much sooner.

      to ease any confusion, please note that the previous removal of MATLAB dependence from the runtime was completed, it's just that that was removal of MATLAB from the framework - the individual plug-in processes still all use MATLAB to talk to their init data; the framework isn't privy to any of this.

      however: there will be no tools included with that release for authoring BRAHMS processes (well, we'll see, but don't count on it). therefore, the existing authoring tools, which run under MATLAB, will continue to be the "standard" and thus BRAHMS _development_ work will still require a MATLAB install, even if the finished system will be executable independently. therefore, for full-cycle independence from matlab, we will have to wait further until we have alternative system authoring tools for BRAHMS.

      incidentally, i don't suggest anyone rushes off and does that right now for a particular process, since we should first discuss what form these tools should take in the long run. at one end of the scale we have the development of scripts for each process type (perhaps python, something platform-independent anyway). at the other, we have a BRAHMS dev gui; that might be quite a significant development. at the other end of the scale (sic) we have the idea of not removing our dependence on MATLAB, and continuing to use it as a BRAHMS dev environment. these options are under review, all comments welcome.


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