Jim Michaels
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brace matcher

brace matcher (actually a lexical analyzer) that ignores proper comments. slash-splat will consume a slash-slash. a / or / within a // will be ignored.

Intended for C/C++ and PHP, but now works with optional angle brackets for xml, html, wml, xhtml. shows the location of the brace errors. Ignores linefeeds and looks for \n and \r. in PHP, brackets in double-quotes strings count. in C++ they don't. single-quoted strings are not handled. This project was created because the brace-matcher in an editor is not enough when PHP or C++ compiler starts giving weird bracket errors. I need something to verify what's going on and give me a detailed report. This is a programmer's tool. not a whole language syntax checker like lint, but a brace checker with some smarts. can handle C++/PHP/JS/Java style strings and comments, and optionally, angle brackets. normally handles () {} [] only.


brace matcher is under the gpl3 license.


please read the readme.txt file

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