Happy Halloween
This is a great day, I'm preparing the new release of boxp, the beta 8. For this release I'm planning the following tasks:
  • Modify the configuation variables. We need to improve them to support multiple languages, binary values, encrypted values and plugins that police their variables. (Critical)
  • Improve the support for multi languages in Plugins and the FrameWork. The lack of support ot unicode could be a limitation.(High)
  • Client preferences dialog must be completed. This is done now. (High)
  • Change client workspace format to .ini style. (High)
  • Complete cli_extend plugin. The ServerList extension should sort the server list; and write the help files. (Medium)
  • Server should accept only local network connections. (Medium)
  • small changes as always, new features and bug fixes.

Help is always welcome, if you are a C++ developer and consider that you could work on one of these tasks, please mail to j_aroche AT users DOT sourceforge DOT net.

Javier Aroche